EnerG2 Appoints Automotive Visionary Robert Lutz to Board of Directors

Innovative Manufacturer of Carbon-Enhanced Energy Storage Materials Will Help Accelerate Performance and Reduce Costs in Electric Vehicle Market

Seattle – May 10, 2012
EnerG2, a Seattle-based company manufacturing advanced nano-structured materials for next-generation energy storage applications, announced today that automotive visionary Robert Lutz has joined its Board of Directors.

Lutz’s automotive career has spanned five decades and has included senior leadership positions at GM, Ford, Chrysler and BMW.

Until 2010, Lutz was Vice Chairman at GM, where he helped introduce the Chevrolet Volt. The Volt is an extended range plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with two sources of energy – a battery that allows 35 miles of gas-free driving, and an onboard gas generator that produces electricity so the driver can travel up to an additional 375 miles on a full tank of gas.

“I’m a big believer in EnerG2 because I’m a big believer in the future of vehicle drive train electrification,” says Lutz. “Right now, energy storage technologies have limitations for the automotive industry, but breakthroughs in materials innovation and manufacturing at EnerG2 will help accelerate performance and lower cost.” - Robert Lutz, Board or Directors, EnerG2

Lutz’s experience in energy storage and vehicle electrification runs deep into the supply chain having served as the CEO of Exide, one the world’s largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries.

Adds Rick Luebbe, CEO of EnerG2: “Bob Lutz is the most prominent evangelist of vehicle electrification in the country, and we’re honored to have him join our Board of Directors. With his deep and unprecedented experience in both the automotive and energy storage industries, Bob is in a special position to help guide EnerG2 as our unique carbon-enhanced systems are adopted into automotive applications.”

Robert Lutz, EnerG2 Board Member