EnerG2 currently produces advanced carbon materials for the ultracapacitor industry.

EnerG2 manufactures the highest energy and highest power carbons available in the world for ultracapacitors. These carbons offer dramatic increases in ultracapacitor energy density by enabling unprecedented increases in capacitance and voltage while simultaneously reducing the total device cost per unit of energy stored. The engineered structure and purity or our carbons is enabling the ultracapacitor industry to climb beyond the 3.0V device target.

V2 Carbon Series – Ultracapacitor Energy Carbon

This micro-porous carbon has been designed for ultra-high capacitance density (F/cc) and can bring new levels of energy density to ultracapacitors. This high capacitance, in conjunction with the ultra-high purity of EnerG2’s nano-engineered carbons, enables applications for ultracapacitors that have traditionally incorporated batteries – or that simply may not have been possible.

P2 Carbon Series – Ultracapacitor Power Carbon

This meso-porous carbon has been designed for high pulse power and increased frequency response performance. This increase in power performance allows ultracapacitor device manufacturers to compete in applications traditionally reserved for electrolytic capacitors. The power performance of EnerG2’s P2 Carbon Series is unique in the market.