• Carbon Technology Capabilities


Delivering High-Performance, High-Purity Custom Carbons
at Large Scale and Low Cost

EnerG2’s Carbon Technology Platform (CTP) – based upon a polymer chemistry foundation - for EnerG2’s market-leading innovation represents the ability to engineer and synthesize high-performance, uniquely tailored high-purity carbons, at large scale and low cost. The CTP has demonstrated the unique ability to customize the properties of carbons to address the widely varying needs of different energy storage solutions.



Delivering High-Performance, High-Purity Custom Carbons
at Large Scale and Low Cost

Polymer chemistry is the foundation for EnerG2’s market-leading innovations. EnerG2 has developed laboratory-scale technologies and translated those technologies to commercial-scale manufacturing, all based on finely controlled and ultra-high purity polymer chemistry. This enables the assembly of organic molecules into specific structures and networks to create a customized carbon backbone. These organic molecules are the fundamental building blocks of tailored carbons and provide the ability to customize products at the polymer level. With this control over molecular-level design, the company’s R&D team tailors a polymer for a specific energy storage application.

“EnerG2’s carbon-silicon solution for lithium-ion batteries was the obvious next step in product development for us. We had already developed the best hard carbon in the world, with superior capacity, power, and efficiency, so it was a natural evolution for us to use our hard carbon as a structurally reinforcing and electrochemical-enhancing backbone for silicon.” -- Dr. Aaron Feaver, Chief Technology Officer, EnerG2


A Study of Carbon Processing for Advanced Lead Battery Applications
September, 2017

CTO Aaron Feaver, Ph.D. discusses carbon additives in lead batteries, physical attributes that affect processing, the impact on electrochemical performance and more.

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Silicon rally: EnerG2’s new silicon battery anode material
April 16, 2014

EnerG2 discusses its breakthrough incorporation of silicon into its hard carbon. Competitors are still working in the lab, while EnerG2 is able to work rapidly at large scale.

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Energy Storage Wars: Which Technology Will Win the Battle?
January 13, 2013

EnerG2 has patented its process of producing synthetic carbon for use in many storage applications. Instead of burning and purifying naturally occurring carbons EnerG2 produces pure synthetic carbon at its plant in Oregon.

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