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EnerG2 Announces New Advancements in the Science of Energy Storage

Thought Leaders
EnerG2 Receives Prestigious Research Project From the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC)
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EnerG2 Moves Into �Execute Mode� to Enhance Batteries
EnerG2 Looks to Expand Beyond Ultracapacitors


EnerG2's ultra-high purity carbons are designed for the unique needs and conditions of customers' manufacturing requirements and device performance specifications:

Ultracapacitor Energy Carbons:
These microporous carbons have been designed to maximize energy density (volumetric and gravimetric) and enable new levels of energy performance in ultracapacitors. This high capacitance, in conjunction with the ultra-high purity of EnerG2�s nano-engineered carbons, can enables entirely new ultracapacitor applications.

Ultracapacitor Power Carbons:
These mesoporous carbons have designed for high pulse power and increased frequency response performance. This increase in power performance allows ultracapacitor device manufacturers to compete in applications traditionally reserved for electrolytic capacitors.

Lead Acid Battery Carbons:
These carbons have been optimized for use as additives in the negative plates of lead acid batteries. Our engineered carbon additives help minimize cell failure while increasing the power performance and charge acceptance of the device. Minimizing negative plate sulfation and increasing both power delivery and charge acceptance will help lead acid batteries meet the challenging duty-cycles of applications such as microhybrid drivetrains.

Lithium Battery Carbons:
These advanced ultra-high purity carbons have been optimized for a variety of applications within both current lithium battery systems as well as next generation lithium battery architectures. Carbons are available for both cathode and anode applications.

Customized Carbons:
EnerG2 designs, engineers, and produces carbon with specific metrics for a variety of energy storage devices. An advanced applications team can work with product development teams to engineer carbons for unique device needs and manufacturing processes.

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