Vice President, Sales & Marketing


Leadership at EnerG2

Cynthia leverage the benefits of EnerG2’s BASF Joint Development Program / Relationship as well as the strength of Marubeni, EnerG2’s exclusive distribution partner in China, Japan and Korea. She quickly expanded the sales pipeline, driving multiple customers to advanced validation stages in support of grid, telecommunications and automotive start / stop applications. In addition, she cultivated and closed EnerG2’s first high-volume sales contracts in support of lead acid and ultracapacitor markets. As a result, she was a major contributor to the company’s record-setting 2015 revenue.

Other Experience

Bringing extensive experience from the energy storage and automotive industries, Cynthia provides the ideal understanding of EnerG2’s target customers.

In her previous role at Altair Nano Technologies, where she served as Senior Director, Sales & Marketing, Cynthia led business development efforts for their transportation, industrial and stationary grid lithium ion battery products. These activities gave her deep experience with the energy storage product performance and value proposition. Cynthia has also served in senior sales, marketing, procurement and account management roles at GM, Navistar and Advanced Technology Services. These automotive industry opportunities provided Cynthia with broad experience in all aspects of the sales process, giving her a well-rounded and unique customer perspective and empathy.


Cynthia earned her BBA in Accounting from Iowa State.


“EnerG2 has developed advanced, ultrapure carbon materials that overcome performance barriers in automotive, stationary grid and telecommunications / UPS (even consumer electronics) applications by:

  • Increasing charge acceptance and cycle life in partial state of charge lead acid batteries, while minimizing water loss better than the competition. Water loss (gassing) is the significant challenge for all activated carbons used on the negative electrode. Increasing charge acceptance is critical for use in automotive start-stop, telecommunications / UPS and stationary grid / renewable energy applications around the world.
  • Increasing capacitance and stability within EDLC products, enabling long life, predicable performance and highest capacitance throughout the system life. Our ultra-purity minimizes gassing and ESR, enabling exceptional performance in 2.7 through 3.0V cells.
  • Finally, by significantly improving energy capacity in lithium ion batteries, EnerG2 is in the R&D; phase of creating a highly specialized Silicon-Carbon material for use in lithium ion batteries that will significantly improve energy capacity, while optimizing cycle life.”

The Future

The advanced materials developed and being developed by EnerG2 take customers and applications to a new level of performance, not able to be achieved with current lead acid batteries, supercapacitors or lithium ion batteries.