EnerG2 operates a state-of-the-art 74,000 ft2 manufacturing facility in Albany, Oregon. Current manufacturing capacities allow us to serve all targeted energy storage applications; capacity can be rapidly expanded as needed within the existing factory footprint. The inherent scale advantages of the company’s manufacturing processes enable EnerG2 to produce best-in-class ultrapure carbons, uniquely tailored, at costs that are competitive with traditional electrochemical carbons. Completed in early 2012, EnerG2’s $28M state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was funded in part by a $21M grant from the United States Department of Energy. The facility is both ISO-9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) certified.


ENERG2 QUALITY MANAGEMENT POLICY: EnerG2 is focused on exceeding customer expectations by delivering products that are genuinely unique and useful, excellent in quality, made well and efficiently, while growing profitably and providing a worthwhile working life for each member of the Company.


ENERG2 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT POLICY: EnerG2 is committed to continuously improving its environmental performance through conservation of natural resources, pollution prevention activities, and recycling/reuse programs while complying with all applicable laws, regulations and other legal requirements as well as protecting personnel at the site and the surrounding community.


EnerG2 manufactures its products in a state-of-the-art 74,000 ft plant in Albany, Oregon.

EnerG2’s Albany, Oregon facility remains the only manufacturing plant in the world dedicated to the commercial-scale production of engineered carbon material.

EnerG2’s manufacturing advantage lies in a unique and flexible approach to large-scale carbon production, which is based the company’s proprietary Carbon Technology Platform.

EnerG2 offers its customers a world-class understanding of the use of advanced materials in energy storage devices, a level of material insight otherwise unprecedented and unavailable in the industry.


“The transportation sector is already benefiting from EnerG2’s innovative and customized carbon manufacturing process, and the company is clearly on track to play a significant role in the way vehicles operate in the coming decades.” -- Bob Lutz, EnerG2 Board of Directors and former Vice Chairman of General Motors


EnerG2 Takes Energy Storage Innovation From UW Lab to Factory
March 5, 2013

The ISO9001 certification shows the world our manufacturing facility is set up in a way to support long-term customer projects.

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EnerG2, NW Natural Gas partner on adsorbed on-board storage for CNG vehicles
April 18, 2014

EnerG2 storage materials, which pack at optimal density and has been produced at scale, is compatible with any and all ANG tank geometries and systems.

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