Leadership at EnerG2

Jack serves as Chief Financial Officer at EnerG2. In his role as CFO, Jack oversees all financial and administrative aspects of day to day operations while guiding the financial strategy of the company. Coming with deep cross-functional experience within BASF, Jack also ensures integration with our BASF parent's systems and policies.

Other Experience

Before joining BASF, Jack served in financial roles at companies such as Johnson Controls and Progressive Insurance. At BASF, Jack has held numerous positions. Most recently as Director, Business Controlling, for BASF Performance Materials, North America and Division Controller, BASF Construction Chemicals North America.


Jack is a Finance and Accounting graduate from Cleveland State University and completed graduate courses at Cornell University.


We live at a time with a global population that has an emerging desire for more power at their fingertips, and a more socially conscious population demanding less reliance on fossil fuels. The result? A market with limitless potential. Furthermore, quantum leaps in technology related to wind and solar energy, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, etc. has created a demand on batteries that is higher than ever.

The Future

The energy storage market will continue to grow at record pace, with more pervasive, complex energy storage systems being at the forefront of leading edge energy-related technological advances. And the costs associate with energy storage systems will stabilize and become more predictable, leading the way in overcoming existing cost challenges. I believe that ultimately battery life will become perpetual and there will be little to no dependence on fossil fuels.