Leadership at EnerG2

As Co-CEO of EnerG2, Dr. Kirill Bramnik helps lead the executive team through development and execution of strategies to facilitate rapid growth as a new member of part of the BASF family of businesses. With his extensive experience from BASF's energy storage materials businesses, Kirill brings deep operational expertise along with an entrepreneurial mindset enabling EnerG2 to continue rapid growth on the BASF foundation of stability and resources.

Other Experience

Kirill began his career as a Materials Science Research Assistant at Darmstadt, University of Technology in Germany. Following his time in academia, Kirill began his career at BASF, holding positions from Research Scientist to Global Director of Technology for Battery Materials. Throughout his career at BASF, Kirill has managed the strategic development and tactical implementation of R&D; and product technology activities required to establish, grow and sustain the Battery Materials business unit at BASF.


Kirill earned an M.S. in Chemistry from Lomonosov Moscow State University. And a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany


The energy storage market is booming with double-digits market growth rates. I don't foresee this trend changing in the short- or mid-term because of the continued development of consumer electronics market and the global adoption of technology (Smartphones, tablets, etc.).

The Future

The energy storage market will continue in an aggressive growth mode because of increases in technological and competitive pressure to deliver a better and more affordable technical solution on the material and system level. Furthermore, energy storage innovation opportunities will remain widespread in the future because of regulation driven emission-control requirements for the automotive market (start-stop, e-cars etc.)