AeroCharge Lead Batteries


AeroCharge, a brand of ultra-pure carbon aerogels for enhanced performance in lead batteries, is tailored to specific battery application needs. Our technology allows for improved dynamic charge acceptance (DCA), increased cycle life, and sustained charge power in lead batteries.

Through enerG2’s polymer chemistry platform, advanced carbon aerogels are engineered to fit your specific battery application. Strategically designed mesoporosity controls sulfation on the negative active material during partial-state-of-charge usage and boosts charge power over the lifetime of the device. optimized surface functionality allows for easy incorporation of discrete carbon particles into a variety of lead paste formulations, ensuring a smooth transition to the next generation carbon-enhanced lead battery.

Lead battery manufacturers are seeking enhanced performance as the automotive industry innovates to achieve emissions standards and supply on-board electronic needs. Through the addition of enerG2’s carbon aerogel, improved dynamic charge acceptance (DCA) performance is sustained throughout device lifetime, allowing for greater efficiency in regenerative braking and start-stop operation. The aerogel’s engineered mesoporous network mitigates electrode damage from sulfation to produce extended cycle life at partial-state-of-charge.

Deep discharge motive battery applications ranging from scooters to forklifts are searching for a more robust lead battery. While these applications are typically hindered by the positive electrode, incorporating enerG2’s carbon aerogel in the negative electrode creates new avenues to improve battery system efficiency. Our ultra-pure carbon enables highly efficient recharge events including regenerative braking. Reduced charging times allows for longer work days with fewer idle hours to get the most out of your operation.

Global demand for advanced energy storage systems is propelling the greater adoption of smart grid systems and empowering renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro-electric. Our carbon aerogel enhances lead batteries to surpass current ESS cycle requirements while increasing charge power and minimizing conditioning for more efficient on-grid utilization. Systems integrated with enerG2’s carbon are proven in grid-scale-storage and deployed in wind and solar load leveling applications globally.