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Thought Leaders
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EnerG2 News 4/13/2009

A New Definition of Energy Storage for the New Energy Economy

Broader solutions combining batteries and ultracapacitors are needed.

By: Rick Luebbe
April 13, 2009

The New Energy Economy clearly cannot depend on extracting and processing ancient plants and long-dead animals. Indeed, to truly succeed, the post-petroleum era will require a steady stream of fresh thinking about how we generate, distribute, use and store energy.

Traditional ideas about generation and distribution are already being turned on their heads by the new "smart grid" paradigm; energy use is increasingly being driven by an application-level emphasis on efficiency and environmental impact; and "carbon-footprint" is becoming as important a specification as amps, watts and volts. The next logical step is to focus on broadening and redefining the notion of energy storage.


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