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Thought Leaders
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EnerG2 News 11/15/2009

3 Questions for 3 Energy Storage Experts

The technologies, the chemistries, the economics, and the future hurdles for the deployment of energy storage.

by: Katie Fehrenbacher
November 15, 2009

Amid heated debates over clean power sources, how to build out the smart grid, and the future of advanced transportation, one thing�s clear: Energy storage technology will play a key role in all of these transformations. Energy storage � from batteries to ultracapacitors to pumped hydro to compressed air � will be crucial for the development of electric vehicles, will make sporadic clean power (solar and wind) more reliable, and enable the utilities to more smartly manage power grid loads.

Energy storage provides the key to these innovations and will be the cornerstone of the economy that will emerge around the next generation of energy. Here are three questions for three experts � Rick Luebbe, CEO, EnerG2; Jill Watz, senior adviser, Vulcan Capital; and Ahmad Pesaran, principal engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


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