We manufacture high performance carbon materials that enable new levels of energy storage device performance.

EnerG2’s mission is to produce engineered materials for energy storage at prices and performance levels that enable entirely new storage applications.

EnerG2 Company Overview

The company, founded in 2003, developed its patented Carbon Technology Platform to enable large-scale production of carbon materials that surpass the limitations of the naturally occurring carbons traditionally used in energy storage applications. Controlling the molecular structure and synthesis of these advanced materials at the earliest production stages provides flexibility, reduced costs, and maximizes performance. Delivering these tailored carbons to energy storage device manufacturers allows the manufactures to increase device utilization and performance, thus creating better cost / performance value to the end consumer.

EnerG2 is currently focused on delivering advanced carbons for multiple applications within the industries for lead acid batteries, ultracapacitors, lithium ion batteries, and next generation lithium chemistries. In addition to enhancing electrochemical energy storage devices, EnerG2 carbons can be tailored for high efficiency storage of natural gas as well as hydrogen gas.

EnerG2 is poised to assist the energy storage industry create devices which will become increasingly embraced in both automotive motive power applications as well as grid based energy storage and countless consumer goods. Find out how EnerG2 can tailor an advanced carbon for your application and increase your device performance by contacting us with your application needs.

EnerG2 Quality Policy

EnerG2 is focused on meeting or exceeding customer expectations by delivering products that are genuinely unique and useful, excellent in quality, made well and efficiently, while growing profitably and providing a worthwhile working life for each member of the Company.

EnerG2 Environmental Policy

EnerG2 is committed to continuously improving its environmental performance through conservation of natural resources, pollution prevention activities, and recycling/reuse programs while complying with all applicable laws, regulations and other legal requirements as well as protecting personnel at the site and the surrounding community.