Our polymer chemistry-based materials manufacturing platform offers the energy storage industry an infinitely flexible array of solutions

Our Carbon Technology Platform delivers to the energy storage industry an unparalleled flexibility in the array of material science solutions it enables.

The energy storage industry is a rapidly evolving marketplace demanding continuous innovation from the materials manufacturers and solutions providers that serve it. In fact, most energy storage applications require some form of carbon solution. EnerG2 products are the first to use engineered carbon to serve the energy storage industry.

EnerG2's carbons demonstrate a spectrum of pore size distributions and surface morphologies. Our patented and proprietary technology is based on molecular self-assembly and produces nano-structured carbon materials that are finely controlled and offer ultra-high surface areas. Building our materials from specially designed precursors allows surface structures and pore-sized distributions to be shaped, molded and customized for a variety of critical and cost-effective energy storage uses.

Our first applications are enhanced lead acid batteries and ultracapacitors. These products are found in a wide range of end-use applications – from automotive starter batteries to airplane door actuators to wind turbines. Our deep pipeline of development products promises to dramatically improve energy storage performance in a number of near-term applications, including lithium ion batteries, advanced lithium batteries, natural gas storage tanks, and fuel cells.