We have deployed advanced polymer chemistry techniques to develop materials for a variety of energy storage applications. The performance of our engineered materials in these devices has potential to dramatically change the way the world generates, uses and conserves energy.

Using its patented Carbon Technology Platform, EnerG2 manufactures engineered carbon materials for applications in a variety of different electrochemical storage systems. Our scientific team has harnessed the ability to control and modulate the physical, chemical, and electrochemical properties of high-purity carbon in a full-scale manufacturing environment. The inherent cost and quality of our operations have made EnerG2 carbons the preferred carbon materials for a number of energy storage chemistries.

Physical adjustments to the surface area, pore size distribution, and total pore volume can yield carbon material with a broad range of surface properties. These properties can be tailored and modified for adaptation to the specific properties of a given energy storage application.

In conjunction with physical changes to the material, the Carbon Technology Platform allows for modification of the surface chemistry of carbon particles to optimize processing in our customers’ manufacturing lines. In addition, the intrinsic purity of our manufacturing processes and raw material inputs allows for optimal electrochemical stability in a range of electrochemical environments.

The range applications enabled by our product set is broad. Lithium Ion battery manufactures and other makers of advanced batteries have obtained our unique carbon nano-materials to pursue materials-based improvements in their energy storage applications. Additionally, our Carbon Technology Platform delivers the flexibility to produce nano-composite materials of carbon and various metallic and non-metallic elements that can act as either catalysts or active materials in various applications.

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