We design and customize high-performing polymer chemistry-based materials for virtually all energy storage applications – from traditional batteries to ultracapacitors to advanced battery chemistries to natural gas storage.

The key to EnerG2’s capabilities is our proprietary Carbon Technology Platform. Through rapid iteration of carbon morphologies and allotropes, we have identified the characteristics that are the most important to electrochemical storage systems – and the means to produce them at a commercial scale. EnerG2 tailors its carbon production technology to provide a wide range of physical and electrical properties for end use applications. Further, no matter how the carbon is tailored, our carbons are always produced to exhibit industry leading purity specifications.

Our Carbon Technology Platform is composed of four key processing steps, each of which has been scaled in our Albany, Oregon facility to full commercial scale.

The methods we have deployed to control of these steps have made available to our customers the key to many electrochemical storage systems: fine control over the pore size, pore distribution and pore volumes of the carbon in the matrix. EnerG2’s process technology allows for wide ranging pore distributions – from 90%+ microporous carbons to less than 5% microporous carbon. This pore distribution is established in EnerG2’s sol-gel polymer and can be rapidly tailored to the requirements of a given application.