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  • Silicon rally: EnerG2′s new silicon battery anode material

    In January, with its Albany infrastructure in place, EnerG2 announced its greatest breakthrough yet: an anode material for lithium-ion batteries that blends carbon and silicon, is meant to replace commonly used graphite materials.

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  • EnerG2 introduces silicon-carbon composite for Li-ion anodes; 5x improvement in cycle life over silicon

    EnerG2 has introduced a carbon and silicon composite to boost lithium-ion battery capacity and power performance.

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  • Energy Angels Provide Key Support for Cleantech Innovation in NW and Beyond

    EnerG2 is a fine example of innovation from a university lab translating to a cleantech job creator. It’s a model Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, university leaders, and area investors would love to see more of.

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  • Designer Carbon Provides Longer Battery Life

    EnerG2’s nanostructured carbon anodes can boost lithium-ion battery capacity by 30 percent.

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  • EnerG2 developments boost Li-ion batteries

    EnerG2 has announced that it is producing nano-structured hard carbon for use in Li-ion batteries. Production is designed to boost anode capacity in the batteries by more than 50 percent.

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  • EnerG2 nano-structured hard carbon boosts Li-ion anode capacity by >50% compared to standard graphite

    EnerG2, a manufacturer of advanced carbons for next-generation energy storage, has begun production of nano-structured hard carbon for Li-ion battery anodes.

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  • EnerG2's new line puts a charge into battery world

    An energy storage company that makes its wares in Albany, Oregon has unveiled its newest line of nano-structured materials that aim to radically improve battery capacity, cycle life and charging efficiency.

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  • EnerG2 receives ISO certification

    EnerG2 announced Wednesday that it has achieved International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 certification for both its Albany manufacturing facility and its Seattle headquarters.

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  • EnerG2 Takes Energy Storage Innovation From UW Lab to Factory

    A year after opening a $28.5 million factory, Seattle-based EnerG2 is looking like a textbook example of laboratory innovation in a strategically important industry generating U.S. high-tech manufacturing jobs ...

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