EnerG2 News Archive

    2012 News

  • Automotive Visionary Robert Lutz Joins EnerG2 Board of Directors

    Innovative Manufacturer of Carbon-Enhanced Energy Storage Materials Will Help Accelerate Performance and Reduce Costs in Electric Vehicle Market.

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  • New battery technology could change the way we power up

    The new battery technology being developed by EnerG2 unlocks the power of carbon. They can take a raw clump of stuff containing it, freeze dry it, remove the impurities and present pure carbon energy. This is the battery of the future.

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  • Albany nanotech plant opens

    Seattle-based EnerG2 begins making batteries that use the latest in carbon technology.

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  • EnerG2 launches Albany plant

    After nearly two years of waiting, EnerG2 opened for business in Albany Monday.

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  • EnerG2 opens battery materials plant in Albany

    A plant to produce carbon material that would increase the storage capacity of electric car batteries has opened in Albany.

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  • Can EnerG2’s Carbon Tech Boost Energy Storage?

    EnerG2 has long promised that its super-fine carbon materials technology can deliver big improvements in ultracapacitors, lead-acid batteries and other energy storage devices. Now it’s ready to start churning out “multiple tons per month” to test the market.

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  • EnerG2 Fires Up Oregon Factory

    EnerG2, a University of Washington spinoff that creates synthetic carbon materials that are highly efficient at storing energy, is opening a new factory in Albany, OR today.

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  • Albany welcomes 35 new jobs

    Albany welcomes 35 new jobs, possible battery technology boom with "EnerG2" company

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  • Engineered carbon gives batteries, ultracaps a boost

    EnerG2 opens a plant to make an engineered carbon that will improve performance of energy storage devices and make storage for start-stop hybrid cars less expensive.

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  • EPA chief comes to Seattle, vows job growth

    Less than 12 hours after hearing her boss give the State of the Union speech EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson departed for Seattle.

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  • 2011 News

  • EnerG2 Receives Prestigious Research Project From the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC)

    Year-Long Project Could Help Improve Lead-Acid Battery Performance in Emerging Applications – From Automotive to Industrial to Power Backup

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  • How Government Should Promote Innovation

    EnerG2 is a prototype for commercialization and public-private financial collaboration.

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  • EnerG2 Moves Into ‘Execute Mode’ to Enhance Batteries

    Every startup, at some point in its maturation, needs to put up or shut up. EnerG2 is starting to enter that phase when it’s time to find out if it can really do what it said it was going to do

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  • EnerG2 Looks to Expand Beyond Ultracapacitors

    EnerG2 effectively hung out its shingle for the advanced battery business on Tuesday announcing that its synthetic carbon technology is applicable beyond ultracapacitors

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  • 2010 News

  • EnerG2 Develops New Approach to EV Energy Storage

    To decrease the transportation sector's reliance on gasoline, viable alternatives must be found

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